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Product Image More Merrythoughts, 2009

More Merrythoughts, 2009

$ 15.00

At last! My second book, a sort of companion volume to the first, is ready! This one is the same 5.5" square size as Merrythoughts, 150 pages long, and composed of card/collage verses, prose, and art. The cover art is a detail of a large canvas I did in September 2007 to represent my gratitude following my car wreck in February of that year. The piece was titled "Saved." 

This new book is divided into 9 sections that reflect on my accident, aging, school, and a variety of other topics with the following titles: 
  • Breathing Gratitude 
  • How To Spend Money 
  • In One Ear Out the Other 
  • Friendship & Loving Alliances 
  • Chocolate Karma 
  • Teacher Let the Mules Out 
  • Mother of Sons 
  • Rain 
  • Living With Yes! 
The verses in More Merrythoughts are either new since 2005 or were not included in the first volume, so you will find plenty to amuse and inspire. You may order a copy for $15.00. 
Thanks to my son, Oliver Gerard, for his photo of my cover art. 
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