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Product Image "Meditation" Accordion Fold

"Meditation" Accordion Fold

$ 20.00

This very special handmade accordion fold card could serve as a small but very special gift for a variety of occasions or for no occasion at all.  Give this to the meditator or seeker in your life; keep it for yourself; or gift it to someone who could just use some thoughtful reminders to pause, slow down and listen.

Each of these is handmade using a variety of papers, many of those handpainted.  Thus, each card is beautifully unique and not exactly as pictured.  

The four words "intention, openness, attention, and balance" appear on every version of this card, reminding us how to focus on what we need or want to do, while remaining open to receiving answers.  

This card is sturdy enough to stand on a desk or mantel indefinitely.

Comes in a brown kraft envelope.