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art & cards for the heart & soul

About Ampersand Cards

Ampersand Cards is a dreamer's dream come true. One of my earliest cards reads, "I decided that the world of work was not conducive to joy, and so I became a dreamer of dreams that come true. I'm much happier now." My dream was (and still is) to have my work be more congruent with my creative spirit, to live the life I imagined for myself when I was 17, by letting my creative self breathe deeply and dance. My hope is that my cards will encourage others to dream and do and to expect their dreams to come true, too. It pleases me immensely to know that people are touched by my writing and that the sentiments on the cards are ones that they would like to share with their friends and families (or keep for themselves in a private stash somewhere).

Why The Ampersand?

The ampersand(&) is the symbol for the word "and." I chose the ampersand as my logo and company name for two reasons. First, it is visually beautiful. Second, it suggests that any of my little stories might go on, given the reader's time or imagination, or that the hopes and dreams expressed in them might even be realized in the reader's own life. This seems a fitting symbol for a dreamer's company.

So, please keep dreaming and doing, laughing, loving, and living, and having fun!