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art & cards for the heart & soul

About Kay Foley & Ampersand Cards

When I was a child, I dreamed that my head was a railway station, filled with conductors, ticket sellers, and people coming and going to faraway places, with trains rolling in and chugging out. My head is even more full now, much like an old woman's closet, cluttered with boxes, pots, and jars holding all the colors, shapes, and words that make up my work. Spilling out onto the floor (and into my work) are my love of my three sons, the great old romantic movies of the '30s and '40s, my accumulated hopes, dreams, and beliefs, my love of the natural world and its changing seasons, the assortment of charming children and adults I encounter every day, my St. Louis upbringing in a big Irish/German family, and oh yes, that place in my brain where I swear I can FEEL color and light. I live in a house that needs work (help!) in Columbia MO with my two dogs &, when they are in town, my incredible sons.