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Product Image Extra Special Wedding Accordion Fold

Extra Special Wedding Accordion Fold

$ 20.00

These handmade accordion fold cards are just what's needed when the couple foolishly says, "No gifts, please."  Or when you want to add a really special card to your gift.  They are handmade, i.e., one of a kind, and i.e., similar to but not exactly like the one pictured.  They are made with handmade, scrapbook and/or handpainted papers, with washi tape added here and there.  The happy couple will be thrilled with such a card!  

They are 4.5" x 6.25", come with a kraft envelope, and there is room on the other side for your heartfelt note.  There is actually room for several people to sign, if you're wanting to give a group card.  

Keep in mind, I only have a very limited supply of these, so if you want one, slip it into your cart!